Finca Del Mar, a beach community in tune with the Los Cardones values and lifestyle.

Lifestyle matters, so do family and the environment. In 2000 we set out on a quest to find this perfect balance in a pristine location. “Be the change you want to see” rang through our heads as we left an old life behind to pursue a new one. Through the years Los Cardones Ecolodge blossomed out of these ideals.

Soon Finca Del Mar was conceived so that friends could also share the dream, to own a slice of paradise in a sustainable community that is engaged with nature and the surrounding communities. Our area of influence went from 8 acres to 120 acres, on the beach.

What we have created at Finca Del Mar is a preserved environment with just the right amount of infrastructure to be comfortable and yet maintain that “country” feel that drew us here in the first place. Authentic. No smoke. No mirrors. Take a closer peek, you’ll like what you see.


Cofundador de Los Cardones Ecolodge
Director de Finca del Mar